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Super Extreme DUI 2nd Offense in Phoenix

Phoenix’s DUI punishments become harsher the more intoxicated you are when you are arrested. If you are a second time, non-commercial super extreme DUI offender, you face some of the harshest punishments Phoenix gives any offender who does not injure another person while committing a DUI crime. You are considered a second time super extreme DUI offender if you have been convicted of a DUI in the past seven years before the current offense occurs. According to Phoenix Revised Statute 28-1382(E)(1), a super extreme DUI involves:

  • A blood alcohol content (BAC) of over .20%.

It is important to understand that if your BAC is to the super extreme level, your immediate health can be in severe danger, including suffering alcohol poisoning and liver failure. You can also be charged with a super extreme DUI offense if you are in control of your vehicle but not actually driving it. For example:

  • You can be charged with super extreme DUI if you are found passed out behind the wheel of your vehicle with the keys somewhere on your person, even if they are not in the ignition.

Being arrested for a second super extreme DUI offense in Phoenix can stop your personal and professional lives in their tracks. You will be facing mandatory minimum sentencing that includes a long jail term and hefty fines. A judge will not take your social status, job, or general behavior into account when handing down harsh penalties for your actions.

Due to the life-altering nature of super extreme DUI charges, if you are arrested for this ultra serious crime, immediately consult a reputable attorney with extensive experience defending DUI cases of all severities in Phoenix. You should also choose a defense attorney who will aggressively fight to make sure your rights are being upheld at all times throughout the DUI process.

Penalties for a 2nd Super Extreme DUI Offense in Phoenix

If you are found guilty of a second super extreme DUI offense in Phoenix, you face a class 1 misdemeanor, which includes:

  • A mandatory six month jail sentence.
  • A minimum of $2500 in fines, plus any other penalties or liabilities you may incur.
  • Losing your license for at least one year.
  • State sanctioned driving courses.
  • Probation or community service.
  • Mandatory enrollment in alcohol treatment and/or a counseling program.

Due the serious nature of a super extreme DUI, you may also be ordered to engage in random alcohol monitoring, which can include blowing into a telephonic device multiple times throughout the day. In addition to this, financial penalties for a second super extreme DUI conviction can include:

  • Paying for your mandatory alcohol classes and treatment.
  • Paying for your ignition interlock device during the 24 months (at minimum) it is on your vehicle.
  • Paying for your time in jail.
  • Paying extra for an SR-22 car insurance policy for three years after you get your vehicle back.
  • Paying higher car insurance premiums for up to three years after getting your vehicle back.

All totaled, if you are convicted of a 2nd super extreme DUI offense in Phoenix, you can face more than $10,000 in financial penalties, above and beyond mandatory jail time. Additionally, you can face much harsher penalties if you cause an accident while intoxicated that injures another person, or causes any extensive property damage.

Trust Phoenix DUI Attorney With Your 2nd Super Extreme DUI Defense in Phoenix

The consequences for being convicted of a second super extreme DUI offense in Phoenix can be life shattering both personally and professionally speaking. Because of this, it is extremely important to consult a defense attorney with proven experience defending DUI offenses of all types and severities. We will not stop fighting for your rights, by making sure that every possible legal option and defense strategy is available to you. If you are facing your second super extreme DUI charge in Phoenix, contact us today for a private, no obligation consultation at 480-900-5177.



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