DUI Sentencing Guidelines in Phoenix

Phoenix is one of the toughest states in the nation when it comes to sentencing guidelines for DUI crimes. The different DUI crimes classifications in Phoenix are:

The Phoenix Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) contain a plethora of information, including:

  • Guidelines for what constitutes each DUI classification.
  • Penalties for a conviction at each level.
  • Additional stipulations and information relating to a conviction at each level.

In order to help you inform yourself about the A.R.S. DUI guidelines, we have included them here for you to review. Please understand that these sentencing guidelines are not meant to serve as a substitute for consulting an aggressive, experienced defense attorney if you are arrested for any type of DUI crime in Phoenix. Rather, these guidelines are simply meant to educate, rather than take the place of a reputable DUI attorney who will fight to make sure your rights are upheld throughout the entire legal process. 

A.R.S. DUI Crimes Sentencing Guidelines

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